R we advancing as a society.

if aliens were to land on planet Earth tomorrow, what would they think of the progress of man? Would they see us as destructive barbarians with technology in the hand of immature children throw in  a tantrum wanting to be first? What grade would our Creator give the inhabitants of planet Earth in  our progress as a society as a whole?

Culture is measured by social heritage of its society and the rate of cultural progress is determined by the ability of its inhabitants to understand new and advanced ideas.  We are created to be progressive advancing evolving beings in the quest to make a better civilization.

Slavery to our Traditions only produces stability and cooperation by sentimentally and emotionally linking the past with the present, but it stifles initiative and enslaves the creative power of the individual.

We must find the best minds of the world to benefit All Mankind. Not for one Country to be great but for all to live on a planet our Creator has in trusted to us.


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