The small truth is for little minds and the large truth is for great minds.

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Are we products of our the environment???


Conduct creates the value of environment and education is a factor in character development. Our heredity, our family ancestors, lies at the bottom of all character; but the influences of an inferior environment virtually counteracts a good inheritance.

While a good environment cannot contribute much toward overcoming a flawed character, a bad environment can spoil an excellent blood line especially during our younger years of life. A good social environment and proper education are essential for getting the most out of a good inheritance.


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It is time to wake up America. After the devisation of  hurricanes​ in Texas and Florida, earth quake in Mexico, the west coast on fire, the violence and division happeimg within our own  country, it is long over due for we as a nation to take a reality check.  As I sit here with a close family member waiting to see if she has Hodgkin’s, the 2nd family member in a 2 month time period to address this life changing circumstance, it makes u think why are there so many people sick and suffering???

The conditions we face are a test for us all, a time for self-reflection as individuals and as a nation. Hopefully we will  learn from the devastation that is happening on r planet?  I hear people say It’s the end of time or how can God let this happen?  This has nothing to do with God. We are free will beings.  The choices we make personally or as a nation will determine our lives and the future of our children and grandchildren. What goes around comes around. We have been raping and pillaging our natural resources at the expense of our health and now through the devastation of global warming. We are nature, if we pollute our planet or pollute our bodies, the results will be the same. We are all products of bad decisions of the past, but also the positive decisions. We are begining to come together as a nation. How much more devisitation will it take? In a second we can become homeless, refugees, does it matter if it is by natural conditions or war, if u are a Syrian, an American or Floridian? When we use America First as a slogan to win over hearts and votes it is a testimony to our superficial self-centered, and ignorance as Christians.

When we put material possessions, greed and power above one another and God’s creation, we will suffer. Material things can always be replaced, human life cannot. Our lives are temporary here on planet Earth and the decisions we make  are the ticket to the next.  Life is a test and Paradise is the goal, the decisions we make based on values of love and forgiveness for one another is the meter in which we will be judged.

To the power of truth and light.

Cosmic Rebellion ???

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Rebellion is the attitude of someone who knowingly resist Cosmic reality. There are people who have a misconception or distortion of reality and there are those people who don’t have the intelligence, wisdom, or ability of self control.

When Rebellion becomes sin is so often repeated it becomes habitual. Habitual crimes against one another, the nation, and our planet becomes iniquitous crimes against the Universe and it’s Creator.

So remember when supporting those who betrays their commitment for guidance and the welfare of his followers committing crimes against our planet  for personal greed and power, the supporter becomes part of the iniquitous crimes.

In the sweat of your face shall you eat the fruit of the fields.

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Work is not punishment, but necessary for the advancement of civilization. It is not a curse, but a blessing to all who are permitted to enjoy the most human of all human  activities.  But slavery is a crime to society.  Don’t pay someone less than what you would be willing to do the same job for.


How civiized R we???

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Savage man loves his child, but civilized man also loves his grandchildren planning for the future of their grandchildren and the children of their grandchildren.

How do we rate as a civiized society? What condition will we leave our planet for​ our  great – great grandchildren? The condition of our planet and our love for one another is the proof of our integrity, intelligence, and understanding.  We must stop the madness, the temporary fixes and self gratification for the temporary financial gain for a better economy that is raping and destroying our planet. We are also nature that must survive to be a healthy and positive example for our children of all Mankind.

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